Monday, 11 March 2013

Just  returned from one of the most epic competitons I have attended in the UK. Last year we had our first  ever BMFA League event in Scotland, it contained 8 rounds of absolute madness, it was one of those once in a life time events.  I can't remember the exact figure but there was something like 100 + sub forties the UK record fell twice.  I took it first with a 30.70 and 2 rounds later Simon Thornton posted a 30.01.

Then a couple of weeks ago Mark Abotts was the first UK pilot to go sub 30 with a 28.75.  To be honest I never thought we would get anywhere close to that time for a long time, how wrong I was.

We had our first UK league event of 2013 on Sunday the 10th March in Wales, on what is the best slope in the country and world known as the Wrecker.  With 20 - 23 m\s and 16 sub thirties later, the UK record not only falling once but twice in one day.  The sub 30 pilots and all there times are below, this includes Mark Abotts who was the original all conquring pilot to break the sub 30 barrier in the UK:

  • Joel West:                29.46;   29.87;   29.12;   29.69
  • Mark Abotts:           28.75
  • Mark Redsell:         28.73;   28.90;   29.97;   29.71;   28.79;   29.81
  • Martin Newnham:   29.61;   29.56;   26.84;   29.11
  • Paul Garnett:           29.24
  • Richard Bago:         29.44
Lets hope we get plenty more events like this one.

Full report can be found on the Reports page or at:

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