Monday, 15 April 2013

Newhaven Slope Soaring

Little bit more practice this weekend with the gopro, found a few issues with the ratio. As default the gopro comes set to 1440 which is a ratio of 4:3 when normal youtube Vimeo and others are standard 16:9.  In Sony Vegas this is repairable with the Event pan/crop tool, however you ideally want  it set correctly when recording.  I've now set the camera to 1080p which should give me the correct setting next time I use the camera.

The forecast was looking good for Newhaven however it struggled to get up to 8m\s at best and only stayed on the slope for about an hour, when all around us it was blowing 20+ mph.  It gave Simon, me and John just enough time to have one flight each.

Simon had brought the Ceres out of retirement and flying EM it showed how impressive it is.  It may not be the fastest model out there, but one thing it does is everything well.  John who probably had the worst of the air was still in the process of tuning the Airones.  With conditions coming and going I just made the most of practicing the pumps and getting the model in close on the edge to see how much energy could be extracted in relatively light conditions.

Newnhaven Slope Soaring "East Sussex"

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