Saturday, 1 June 2013

Multiplex Solius

After 10 - 12 hours of building the Solius is finished and I met up with Simon Thornton today at our local flat field so we could test fly both of them.  The models flying characteristics equaled its looks in every way.  Its thermal ability was excellent and it handled the 10 - 15mph winds with ease, we were both able to fly a long way down wind and track back with ease (without using the motor).

It was not just its capability to thermal that was good, close in aerobatics could be performed, 4 point rolls, slow rolls, loops stall turns pretty much everything you would want.

If you are thinking about getting one, stop thinking and get it ordered.


  1. Nice positive review, Martin! There seems to be little comment around about the thermalling abilities of this model: so you reckon it's good?



  2. Hi Chris, it thermals beautifully and gets away on next to nothing. I've been nothing but impressed with this model.